Timber and timber constructions in all their diversity

We offer you extensive expertise in timber construction: from the sawmill to timber and silo construction through to pellet and energy production. Our love of wood as a material is what sets us apart. Our passion for pioneering ideas is what drives us forward. And we have the courage to make visions become reality. Be inspired by the fascinating world of wood. From us, you can expect products, designs and solutions that will surprise and win you over.

Three specialised timber companies

Our companies unite their different areas of expertise with wood under one shared roof as the Lehmann Group. The companies are home to over 300 employees who enjoy an open, family-like culture, free from red tape.

Blumer-Lehmann AG

Timber construction, modular construction, general contractor, free forms

Blumer-Lehmann AG is one of the leading timber construction companies in Switzerland. In cooperation with internationally renowned architecture firms, we bring pioneering, Free Form timber structures to life worldwide. Furthermore, we are specialists in modular constructions and temporary buildings. We design and construct buildings for all purposes. We renovate and refurbish. Regional, across Switzerland, throughout the world.

The youngest subsidiary Blumer-Lehmann SARL in Luxembourg is deeply committed to pioneering and resource-conserving residential construction. The managing director Frank Stolz, who formally worked in Switzerland as an architect for Blumer-Lehmann AG, not only knows our company inside out but is also familiar with the Luxembourg market.

Overall view of the stand in St. Moritz against a blue sky

Lehmann Holzwerk AG

Timber, pellets, energy

In its own sawmill, Lehmann Holzwerk AG annually processes around 125,000 m3 of logs from the forests within a radius of about 100 kilometres around Erlenhof. We use this wood to manufacture a wide range of timber products. We process the residual timber into pellets and briquettes or use it as fuel in our wood power plant to generate heat and energy. Lehmann Holzwerk AG is the heart of our sustainable timber life cycle.

Close-up of wood as a raw material

BL Silobau AG

Silo and system construction

BL Silobau AG offers complete solutions for winter road services. With more than 30 years of experience and over 1,000 realised projects, the company combines expertise and tradition for silo and system construction. Together with our German subsidiary Blumer-Lehmann GmbH, we develop individual complete solutions from low-volume silos to fully automated winter service depots throughout Europe. We advise, draw up, design and install systems of all sizes. And there’s more: we renovate and modernise existing systems and also take on the servicing and maintenance.

3 large silos with pre-weathered spruce facade at Bern A1 maintenance depot

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