• Photo of the Urbach Tower, with blue sky in the background
  • Timber structure with curved beams and outside views
  • Close-up of planed products
  • Buildings of the Uitikon maintenance depot

Wood fascinates as raw and construction material

We have been dedicated to a fascination with wood since 1875

Lehmann Group

Traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology

Blumer Lehmann AG

Fascinating Precision


Lehmann Holzwerk AG

Fascinating Versatility


BL Silobau AG

Fascinating capacities


The fascinating world of wood

Experience the fascination


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The fascinating world of wood

Immerse yourself

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Teaser of fascinating world of wood

Timber construction

Blumer Lehmann

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View of the impressive timber lattice structure on the Swatch office building

Silo | Facilities engineering

BL Silobau

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The vast Bern-Wankdorf maintenance depot with its three grey timber silos, viewed from above

Wood processing

Lehmann Holzwerk

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Fassade keilverzinkt Detailansicht frontal von vorne stirnseitig in Qualität A

CNC machinist (m|f|d) 80-100%

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