EDGE at Südkreuz in Berlin – a green and open office building

What is now Germany’s largest timber hybrid structure has been built in the heart of Berlin, designed by Tchoban Voss Architekten. Blumer Lehmann was responsible for planning and implementing the cladding made out of laminated wood strips for four tree-like steel supports in the atrium.

The office building was constructed based on the CREE system, a timber hybrid building system using prefabricated components. The four timber-clad supports are an eye-catching feature and act as sculptural ‘trees’ to form distinctive elements of the atrium. Connected via floating stairways, they create comfortable seating spaces high up in the air. The four trees vary in height, the tallest being 14.87 m high, the lowest 4.28 m. The cladding for the tree-like supports was crafted from laminated spruce timber and three-ply panels.

EDGE, the project developer, was very keen on a sustainable building concept and therefore opted for a timber structure. Compared to conventional reinforced concrete construction, this can save up to 80% of carbon emissions. The aim is also for the building to support staff well-being thanks to its exposed and fragrant timber.

Project details

Tchoban Voss Architekten
Project type:
Office and administration, Commercial and industrial
Construction type:
Free Form, Wood element construction
Timber construction
Berlin, Germany

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