Exemplary timber constructions

Public buildings such as schools, research institutes and educational institutions have an exemplary function. They entail high standards in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and value retention. In addition, modern public timber constructions are now shaping public spaces on bold scales and with impressive architecture.

Buildings can also help local communities make a name for themselves. This is a particular challenge for you as a designer, architect, client or representative of a specific body. We’ll support you at every stage of your project from idea generation to planning and implementation. Our extensive know-how and wealth of experience enable us to devise viable solutions even for unusual projects. Alongside aesthetics, energy efficiency and sustainability, a further benefit of modern timber construction is its powerful cost efficiency.

Adaptable school buildings 

  • Sustainable and energy efficient
  • Comfortable indoor climate for a favourable learning environment
  • Flexible and rapid planning
  • Implementation on schedule and with cost security
  • Easily adapted to changing requirements
  • Long service life including relocation

Flexible schools using modular timber construction

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Furnished classroom and interior equipment for school in modular timber design

Modular timber construction

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Timber module on a crane: truck is unloaded on the construction site in bright winter sunshine.


Low-tech timber build for agricultural school Education and research, Residential construction apartement building

Sports halls, Kanton Aargau Education and research, Leisure and sport, Temporary buildings

Temporary pavilions Education and research, Temporary buildings

Temporary timber pavilion for Hasenacker school Education and research, Temporary buildings

Temporary timber structure for Uni St. Gallen Education and research, Temporary buildings

Timber module school build using modular system Education and research, Temporary buildings

Two-storey timber school pavilion Education and research, Temporary buildings

Wood pavilion for Innovation Park Zurich Temporary buildings, Education and research, Art and culture

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