Our log range

Our high-quality timber primarily comes from local log suppliers from the forests of Eastern Switzerland. We are always looking for logs from different tree species in various quality classes, diameters and lengths. Contact us today. We’ll make you a fair offer.

Log contact

Roger Wegmüller
Log Purchasing
Member of the Executive Board
T +41 71 388 58 17

What types of wood do you purchase?

We primarily buy spruce and fir from the region.

We only accept pines in individual cases at a price for timber with substantial flaws (NSF).

In what quality?

We primarily accept spruce and fir in the qualities B and C.

Close-up of wood as a raw material

General information on quality categories

Class B – Logs of good to average quality

  • Not very knotty, no coarse knots
  • Dead knots accepted in moderate numbers
  • Slight box and slight spiral grain allowed
  • Straight trunk axis, only slightly conical

Class C – Logs of average to below-average quality

  • Very knotty, coarse knots in moderate numbers
  • Dead knots, slight discolouration
  • Slight box and normal spiral grain tolerated

Class D – Sawable timber that due to its characteristics cannot be accepted in qualities B and C

  • Includes timber whose wood body was infested with insects
  • Box allowed
  • Strongly spiral grain

In what diameters?

The greatest demand is for logs with a top diameter of 15-49 cm in the categories 1b-4b.

In what lengths?

We take primarily short timber (L1) in lengths from 4 to 6 metres. The standard length of our logs is 5 metres.

Do you also accept wood that is not FSC certified?

Yes. For non-FSC-certified wood, a deduction of 1 franc per cubic metre is made.

What are the requirements for timber storage?

The timber is stored on a forest road used by articulated lorries (40 tonnes). The individual trunks must be stacked in a pile of at least 10 cubic metres.

What are the requirements in terms of equipment?

The cutting surfaces must be clean and the high-quality wood may only be separated by agreement.

How is transport regulated?

Transport starts from the forest road and the route must be passable with 40 tonnes. The cost is borne by Lehmann Holzwerk AG. Transport is organised by agreement.

Where and how are the logs measured?

The delivered logs are measured electronically at our factory and sorted by qualified personnel according to Swiss commercial practices based upon quality criteria.

How is billing performed?

Billing takes place every two weeks. The terms are 3% discount within 10 days, 2% discount within 30 days, 90 days net.

Does the application of wood preservatives to protect the logs trigger a surcharge?

In principle: yes. However, this surcharge is only raised by agreement and prior notice. The amount of the surcharge is 3 francs per cubic metre.

How is summer stored timber handled? And how is it charged for?

It is obligatory to register summer stored timber by agreement with us and no later than 15 March. The timber is removed by July or, by agreement, August. The charge is 4 francs per cubic metre.

Diameter classes

1a                            up to 15 cm
1b                            15 – 19 cm
2a                            20 – 24 cm
2b                            25 – 29 cm
3a                            30 – 34 cm
3b                            35 – 39 cm
4a                            40 – 44 cm
4b                            45 – 49 cm
5+                            50 – 59 cm
6+                            60 cm+

Length classes

Short timber L1 > 4 to 6 metres
Medium-length timber L2 > 6.5 to 15.5 metres
Long timber L3 > 15 to 22 metres

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