High-performance sawmill

In our sawmill – one of the biggest in Switzerland – we combine the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship. Some 125,000 m³ of spruce and fir from the region go through our sawmill annually. Here, two main machines do the lion’s share of the work: the chipper and the gang saw line. We use them to cut the logs and process the lumber further into a wide range of sawn timber and planed products. To be more precise: we turn 56% of the logs into sawn timber products such as rough-planed timber, laminated wood strips, packaging wood and sawn timber. The other 44% become our waste timber products such as wood chips, bark and sawdust.

State-of-the-art planing facility

With an integrated bandmill, cross-cutting and packaging, our planing facility is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Switzerland.  With it, we produce 150 to 200 m³ of planed products daily and process approximately 35,000 m³ of sawn timber annually. For the processing of sawn timber products, we guarantee a high standard of quality and fast delivery times. 

Fully automated finger-jointing line

The finger-jointing line on the premises of Lehmann Holzwerk AG is one of the investments that were made in 2019.

It enables us to offer our customers high-quality finger-jointed products (slats, profiled boards and cladding) and finger-jointed raw material for further processing.

Thanks to cutting-edge scanning and planing technology, we are not only able to carry out further processing with greater speed and efficiency, but also with high precision and dimensional accuracy.

Environmentally friendly pellets and bark products

We process waste timber from timber processing and the sawmill into additional natural products. Sawdust and wood shavings are processed into CO₂-neutral pellets that protect heating systems with their premium quality and density, while still warming the heart. Our bark briquettes for stoves and litter for small animals are made from pure, dried bark. 

Sustainable energy supply

An important component of our sustainable timber cycle is our in-house ORC biomass power plant. It burns the remaining waste timber, thereby supplying sufficient heat for wood drying processes, pellet production and the heating of our business premises.

In addition, some 1,500 households benefit from the sustainably produced electricity that we feed into the local power grid.

This is how we close the wood cycle at Erlenhof. At the same time, we also follow our vision: we use wood sustainably and work and produce in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

«Annually, we produce exactly as much energy from our waste timber as we consume at Erlenhof. That makes us energy independent, climate neutral and resource conserving.»

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