Forest and timber – our future

We work with a local, renewable raw material. We are very conscious of the environmental significance of our raw material. We process and finish almost exclusively fir and spruce from the region. So our transport routes stay short. We know and appreciate our local log suppliers and our other partners in the forestry sector. And we share the same goals: the most environmentally sound use of wood possible.

The delivered logs are immediately measured and classified electronically. The corresponding data goes directly to the accounting office for further processing.

«Our local wood is a resource and represents enormous potential. It is important that everyone, the forestry sector, the timber industry and end consumers, speaks up for a healthy forest economy.»
Benedikt Dörig, Forest team Haslen

Your contact for log purchasing

Roger Wegmüller
Log Purchasing
Member of the Executive Board
T +41 71 388 58 17

Do you have any logs?

We’re always in need of suitable wood in the right quality and sufficient quantities. Here you can learn about what wood we take, what quality and dimensions, and what conditions we offer.

More information

From the forest to the sawmill

Portrait: Roger Wegmüller of log purchasing

What does wood mean to him as a material? What types of wood does he buy and how does he manage to procure enough wood all year round? Learn more in the interview.

Click here for the interview
Outdoor shot of log purchaser Roger Wegmüller working with a forester
«Local forestry has potential. More active management would strengthen the position of Swiss timber.»
Roger Wegmüller, log purchasing Lehmann Holzwerk AG

The forest is truly multi-talented

Both the environment and, to a large extent, mankind benefit from the roles that the forest plays. Active management and cultivation are usually necessary to ensure that the forest can optimally provide the services it’s expected to. Let’s take care of the forest. 

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