Design elements with a protective function

Surface treatment is a design element with a protective function. To protect wood constructions and facades from external influences and lend them a special character, surface treatments can be a good idea. Untreated wood surfaces change their colour over time, which is usually a welcome side effect. But for cases where that is not desired, we offer our surface treatments that have stood the test of time in many construction projects down the years. Choose from colourless, pre-greyed or coloured, with lacquers, varnishes and paints. We’re happy to help you choose the right surface treatments for the right wood.

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Close-up of a terrace surface

Colourless surface treatment

Clients and architects like to use the colour and structure of wood as a design element. To maintain the natural tone of the wood over the long term, colourless varnishes are increasingly applied to the surfaces. The coating has the job of protecting the wood against UV light and moisture. The surface treatment keeps the underlying wood from yellowing or becoming brittle quickly, or forming cracks and flaking off. We are happy to advise you and help you find the right surface treatment for your project.

Full view of a detached house featuring standard profile rhomboid cladding

Pre-greyed surface treatment

A pre-greying surface treatment makes it possible to avoid the irregular colour changes that occur as the wood ages. In the treatment, the wood surface receives a grey colouration that resembles weathering. The advantage is that the wood surface receives a uniform appearance and no further care is required with regard to the colour. We offer weathering varnishes in different grey tones. The wood structure remains visible.

Full view of a detached house featuring red rhomboid cladding with tongue and groove.

Coloured surface treatment

Colour-coating surface treatments not only provide long-term protection for the wood against environmental influences like sun exposure and moisture, they also give buildings character and emotion. For architects and planners, the choice of the colour is one of the most important tasks in the design process. We offer all colours from the international RAL/NCS colour charts. We guarantee you a weather-resistant and durable quality of the surface treatment.

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