The unique combination of look and feel

Structured surfaces with elevations and indentations lend the wood a wonderful visual effect. The fascinating play of light and shadows creates a particular vitality. In addition to the appearance, the tactile experience is also an important reason why architects and specialist planners are increasingly opting for wood surfaces. Wood is natural and authentic and exudes quality. And it should be felt as well. Wood stands out particularly well with structured surfaces.

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Pius Jung
Head of Timber Sales
Member of the Executive Board
T +41 71 388 58 16

Close-up of the surface of Säntis Structured Wood

Structured wood

Discover the design options offered by the new structured wood surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications. Choose the wood type and structure that fits with your later application, whether it’s a wall or facade cladding, decking or concrete cladding.

With four standard structures and the option of designing custom surfaces according to your wishes, a whole new dimension of possibilities opens up for applications in architecture, art and design.

The following structures are available:

  • ‘Säntis’ structure
  • ‘Tannenberg’ structure
  • ‘Oberberg’ structure
  • ‘Fine’ structure
  • Custom structure

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Close-up of brushed wood, with rings clearly showing

Brushed surfaces

Brushing wood surfaces is especially effective at bringing out the naturalness of the material. Using very hard plastic brushes, the soft portions of the growth rings can be worked out. This highlights the natural structure of the wood, creating an appealing appearance and a wonderful tactile experience. Brushed wood surfaces are used primarily for indoor applications.

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