Highly robust for load-bearing constructions

Our laminated wood is an industrially manufactured wood product that we primarily produce out of spruce. It is the ideal construction material as components of vastly different shapes and dimensions can be manufactured from it. Compared to conventional construction timber, laminated wood is very robust and has no natural weak points. It prevents the emergence of cracks and warpage. Another advantage is the lower weight of laminated wood compared to steel or concrete elements with the same load-bearing capacity. 

Among other applications, laminated wood is used in support structure planning (roof girders, roof constructions), in garden construction (greenhouses, carports) and in the residential area (tables, benches).

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Close-up of a solid timber table top

Solid wood boards

We produce and treat solid woods boards in hardwood for tables, furniture and stair treads. Depending on preferences and the project, choose from steamed or natural beech, oak, ash and larch. Don’t see your preferred type of wood? We are happy to produce your desired solid wood board out of a different type of wood. We produce stair treads on a CAD basis or using a template with painted or oiled surfaces. Our solid wood boards are available in quality A/B; kiln dried (KD), with PU, formaldehyde- and solvent-free as well as polished on both sides. The 60-120 mm wide lamellas are laminated from flush from end to end.  

Detailed product specifications and prices are found in the PDF product flyer.

Side view of a 3-ply panel on a stack

3-ply boards and cladding boards

We have cladding material for a variety of uses: cladding boards made of spruce, up to 27 mm thick, laminated, treated and packaged; Abachi chamfer strips, bundled in 40 pc units, and construction wedges made of Swiss wood in 50 pc sacks.

Detailed product specifications and prices are found in the PDF product flyer.

Cross-laminated timber sleepers lying on the ground

Cross-glued thresholds

Our cross-laminated thresholds are ideal for high static requirements. Thanks to the cross-laminated structure with roughly 50% share of lengthwise and end-grained wood, the permissible compressive stress doubles to approx. 7 N/mm². Available in spruce/fir, kiln dried, planed on all sides, in industrial quality, PU laminated, formaldehyde- and solvent-free and clipped.

Detailed product specifications and prices are found in the PDF product flyer.

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