Getting ideas off the ground

It all starts with an architectural vision. And many unanswered questions. Even in this early development phase, we’ll support you with know-how and experience. Your vision will then be transformed into a concrete project, whether you’re planning a complex Free Form construction or a simple, low-maintenance building.

Where are the challenges? How should the planning, production and assembly be intertwined? Which materials and technical solutions will meet the requirements? Mock-ups and feasibility studies are some of the ways to answer such questions. They lay the foundations for defining production processes and provide a decision-making basis for you as a client, investor or architect. Ultimately, prudent early project development ensures smooth processes and helps you to achieve cost savings and certainty of deadlines.

«When we first start to work with a customer, our objective is to understand their requirements and take their ideas on board. Based upon these, our first step is to assess the feasibility and develop a usage and space concept.»
Richard Jussel, Project Development Blumer-Lehmann AG

Your contact for project development

Richard Jussel
Project Development | Sales Industrial Buildings
T +41 71 388 58 61

Project development in detail:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Usage and space concepts
  • Project developments
  • Technical solutions
  • Visualisations
  • Mock-ups, scale display models
  • Cost calculation
The Chäserrugg timber construction as a 3D model with different coloured areas

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