Breeding house for organic poultry 1,200 metres above sea level

The timber supporting structure of the organic breeding house comprises a girder system with ridge support. The girder system was optimised for the building’s location 1,200 metres above sea level. The laminated purlins installed perpendicular to the roof pitch form the secondary supporting structure. The static dimensions for the timber supporting structure as well as the design plans and working drawings were prepared by the engineers at Blumer-Lehmann AG. The CNC-processed timber structural elements and prefabricated timber latticework walls will be delivered to the site ready for assembly and will be assembled within a few days. The gable-end timber boarding means that the project blends seamlessly into the surroundings. The roof is clad with an insulated sandwich panel. A stall solution from Globogal AG completes the package.

Project details

Archiwell GmbH
Project type:
Agriculture construction
Construction type:
Wood element construction
Timber construction
Cunter, Switzerland


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