New timber gym building for the regional sports centre

The regional sports facility in Sargans was designed from scratch as a timber construction. The support structure runs throughout all areas of the building and governs the spatial organisation and architectural appearance of the main areas of use, including the foyer, the hall and the gym rooms. The main load-bearing structure comprises forty laminated timber frames, some of which are two storeys in height. Spaced at 1.60 m intervals over an area of approx. 30 m wide and 60 m long, the 10-m-high frames in the hall create the impression of an intricate wooden slatted wall/ceiling. The

ceiling of the storey below the wet zones is a wood/concrete composite.

Project details

Project type:
Leisure and sport
Construction type:
Wood element construction
Timber construction
Sargans, Switzerland
The modern timber construction for RSA Sargans against a mountain backdrop at dusk.

Simple design and consistent use of materials

The photograph shows a wide, illuminated landing in the Sargans sports hall

View of the corridor

The photograph shows the wooden wall and ceiling structure in the Sargans sports hall

Modern colour scheme

Photograph of the illuminated sports hall from the inside at dusk

Spruce interior

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