A shoe and outdoor pursuits store with a surface area of 800 m2

Situated between Herisau and Waldstatt, a new shoe and outdoor pursuits store with a sales area of more than 800 m2 was built for family business Zuberbühler. Herisau-based A2 architekten used timber on the facades and in the interior to evoke a sense of natural beauty for its customers, neatly complementing the leisure activities that the store caters for. The building comprises two storeys with additional mezzanines and sliding floors. The basement was designed as space for storage and handling stock. The upper floor comprises the sales space over two levels as well as various offices. The building is intended for long-term, changing use. The timber mezzanines can be removed, for example, while the basement with its high ceiling height could be used as a workshop in the future. Working as part of a consortium, we were responsible for the structural engineering, planning the supporting structure, producing the roof elements and a significant proportion of the construction design.

Project details

a2 Architekten AG
Project type:
Commercial and industrial
Construction type:
Wood element construction
Timber construction
Herisau, Switzerland
The modern appearance of the interior piques curiosity.

Entrance to the sales room

View from below of the imposing roof underside of an industrial building

View of the soffit

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