Free Form timber construction at Maggie’s Centre Manchester creates space for relaxation

The supporting structure of Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Manchester stands as an intricate timber frame with 17 shafts. The surfaces of the components are made of spruce and have a furniture-like quality. The roof, inner and outer walls and the ceiling were produced in a timer frame construction, and entire structure was prefabricated and installed by a mixed team of British and Swiss specialists. We actively assisted and advised the customer throughout the project. ‘The team from Blumer-Lehmann AG successfully integrated the centre into the green surroundings. We decided to go with wood as the main construction component,’ says Diego Alejandro Teixeira of the world-renowned architecture firm Foster + Partners. Sustainability was very important to the customer. ‘Thanks to the expertise of our partner, we were able to create a therapeutic space in harmony with the environment,’ states Teixeira. Our professionalism and attention to detail are a perfect fit with the quality standards of Maggie’s Cancer Centres.

Project details

Foster + Partners
Project type:
Healthcare and care facilities
Construction type:
Free Form
Timber construction
Manchester, UK
The large glazing fills the interior with light.

Timber roof construction

The special construction provides space for a variety of work.

A light and airy interior

The ceiling construction also creates eye-catching light effects.

Close-up of the roof construction

The interior comprises seating areas, private areas and space to take a walk.

Exposed timber inside

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