Events structures for Formula E: sustainability leads the race

An event that is enjoyed by young and old and meets all ecological requirements. Besides the electric Formula E racing cars going head to head, the event space included a two-storey pit lane, a restaurant, a lounge and a timber roof terrace. The pits were made from the sustainable raw material, too. The underlying idea of striving to maintain a CO2-neutral environmental footprint is perfectly aligned with our core values. 

Project details

Swiss E-Prix Operations AG
Blumer-Lehmann AG
Project type:
Event construction, Temporary buildings
Construction type:
Wood element construction
Timber construction
Zurich, Switzerland
The photograph shows the Formula E construction in Zurich. In the background, you can see the lake and harbour entrance immediately behind the event construction.

Building a temporary pit lane

Two workers secure wooden beams with ropes hanging from a crane during the event construction

A timber construction installed in record time

The photograph shows two construction workers with wooden panels after sunset

Highly synchronised operations at the construction site

The timber event construction served as a pit lane for the 2018 Zurich E-Prix. Visitors and team members can be seen in the foreground. In the background, the racing cars are in the pits.

Pit lane in operation

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