What will work environments look like in the future? The world of work has become another area where flexibility is essential and will continue to become more and more important. Other factors such as new technology, globalisation and digital networks are also already shaping people’s everyday working lives. What our work will be, and how and where we will do it, are things we ultimately decide for ourselves. We are already familiar with home offices and co-working spaces, but there are other new and exciting concepts that are emerging.

In the search for office and commercial construction solutions that need to be highly flexible, calculable or, where necessary, suitable for temporary use, we quickly arrive at modular timber construction. Modular timber construction features a high degree of prefabrication to meet the requirements of office and commercial buildings, both now and in the future.


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Workspace in a timber module

Lattich co-working space

Lattich is a form of enhanced co-working space, a temporary hub for creative minds and innovative ideas in the city of St. Gallen. Lattich grew out of an idea for making interim use of the St. Gallen freight yard site as an affordable work and meeting space with development potential. The tenants, often sole traders or freelancers, value their community-spirited workspaces. The collaborative nature of the building has been demonstrated many times over since it was completed in 2018.

A total of 48 timber modules provide space for creative thinking for small businesses active in a range of industries, whether it’s an architect, graphic designer, yoga studio or olive oil producer. The modules feature a basic fit-out covering heating and sanitary installations, insulation, electricity and internet connection. Shared spaces are available in the form of covered arcades around the offices and a café that is open to the public.

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Side view of the Lattich building

Modular timber loft

Combination of residential and commercial spaces

The expansion, replacement and densification of existing residential and commercial spaces is one of today’s major challenges for the urban environment. The modular timber loft concept provides a possible approach to overcoming this challenge. It offers the ideal combination of office, residential and commercial space, using flexible timber modules to make short- or long-term interim use of unused spaces in a city centre. This creates valuable living environments with corresponding returns.

Visualisierung der Modular Timber Loft

Modular construction in Free Form shell

Innovation Park in Dübendorf

The fact that a modular timber structure can also have an incredibly unique appearance is demonstrated by Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich in Dübendorf, which creates a new platform for research, development and innovation. For the information pavilion and office, the architects combined a modular structure with a Free Form shell. From this emerged an exceptional structure forming the centrepiece of the park. The building, with its innovative design and sustainable construction, is made for its role as a model for subsequent projects on the Dübendorf site. What’s more, its modular design embraces the future even now – because once its planned eight-year term is up, the pavilion can be dismantled and the individual room modules and building shell can be reused in full elsewhere.

View of the completed construction of Switzerland Innovation Park with green hedging.

Temporary bank building made with timber modules

A flexible modular structure used as a temporary office pavilion

Modular timber structure based on its own efficient system. The pavilion features different standard dimensions and floor plans, making it suitable for both temporary and permanent office structures. Any necessary security concepts can be implemented within the different floor plans as required. Access to the temporary structures is adapted to on-site conditions using steps and a wheelchair-accessible ramp. The standard concepts of the bank pavilion can of course be adapted to suit other intended uses. You set out your requirements. We then work together with you to develop your own bespoke office module.

Temporärer Büropavillon für Bankenprovisorium in Holzmodulbauweise

Modular timber pavilion to suit your requirements

Floor plans

The smallest pavilion has two modules; the largest has a maximum of 11 modules. The pavilions vary in their different room layouts and their height, which can range up to a maximum of three floors. Shown here are two examples of possible floor plans featuring two and four modules.

Wooden modular pavilion in various standard sizes and layouts

Modular construction

Live, work, thrive

How we live, think and act today shapes our future. Megatrends define how our world will look tomorrow and the way we live, work – and build. Our comprehensive ‘Modular Construction’ brochure tells you all you need to know about achievable models for the future, built with timber.

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Titelbild der Broschüre Modulares Bauen

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