A network for the right solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience in silo construction and system technology, we have a unique network of partners, subcontractors and suppliers. We have cultivated these partnerships over many years. These partners also epitomise flawless quality and technical expertise. This allows us to guarantee you appropriate, innovative and high-quality solutions at all times.

Innovative solutions and products

Complete solutions for storing grit material

Wooden silos

Conveyor technology

Brine technology

  • Complete facility in Fahrbinde (DE), comprising a storage depot, a timber silo and a brine facility, with three winter service vehicles parked in front
  • Werkhof Uitikon: a star-shaped wooden building with integrated modular silo for road salt and mobile return conveyor, cold and warm hall, washing hall, open hall and two-storey factory building
  • Internal view of a return conveyor with the compressor
  • Brine technology and silo system with salt storage depot

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