Flexibly installed brine tanks

Salt solutions such as NaCl, CaCl or MgCl are stored in plastic tanks. The maximum filling volume is 250 m³. Depending on the construction situation, the tanks can be assembled either lying down or standing. They are filled with ready-to-use brine directly from the salt solution facility or from a tank lorry.

For the filling of spreader tanks, straightforward pump systems or brine mixing facilities can be installed.

  • Pump systems
    transport the ready-to-use brine directly from the storage tank to the spreader tank.
  • Brine mixing facilities
    transport the concentrated salt solution from the storage tank and mix it with water while filling the gritter tank.

We offer various equipment with different filling technologies for the loading of brine into spreader vehicles.

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Combine road salt and salt solutions

to produce very good results

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two 250 m³ round timber silos on steel substructure and brine technology, placed on a road maintenance depot

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