From salt to ready-to-use brine

Our brine mixing facilities developed in-house are convenient solutions for different applications in the production of ready-to-use brine. Depending on the facility, the control system can automatically regulate all the brine production processes and the right brine concentration.

The facilities are available in various sizes and with different technical features:

  • As a silo brine mixing facility with its own salt store of up to 75 m³ and 50 m³ brine in one unit
  • As a compact unit to add to a storage silo
  • For separate filling with thawing salt using conveyor technology from a flat store

The ready-to-use brine is removed from the integrated holding container and either fed directly into the gritting vehicle or into external storage tanks. The brine is checked and regulated electronically.

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The right salt solution facility depending on the application

Basic brine mixing facility

Efficient brine production in a compact design

Pico brine mixing facility

For affordable entry into brine applications

Quanto brine mixing facility

High solution output, modular construction

Solo silo brine mixing facility

Variably expandable and in a double-wall construction

Vario silo brine mixing facility

Automatically controlled, high solution output

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