A combination of salt and brine

Over the last few years, we have seen that a combination of road salt and salt solutions achieves very good results for winter road services. Lowering salt consumption reduces the negative impact on the environment and the use of wet salt is therefore a key element.

Based on this trend, we were able to expand our expertise and references in this area. Our team of professionals from technical sales, construction and development have many years of experience in building facilities for the manufacture and storage of salt solutions. Their efforts have led to the development of process technologies, some of which are protected by patent. They are on hand to provide you with expert support.

Our partner companies in the field of plastic construction manufacture the glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or thermoplastic containers, tanks and components designed by us. These are then assembled at our production location into facilities for use in the manufacture and storage of brine. The functionality of our facilities is complemented by the simple construction and programmable control technology. We offer you everything you need from a single source – from consulting, planning, manufacture and assembly to all-round servicing.

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Complete salt management from a single source

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two 250 m³ round timber silos on steel substructure and brine technology, placed on a road maintenance depot

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