Early detection and prevention makes sense

Regular inspection shows you the current safety and operational ability of your facility. We systematically check each component and the overall state. The data is then processed and we draw up a visit log, measurement log and an overall report. Careful maintenance extends the service life of your facility and secures its value for longer. You save money when defects are detected and remedied early on.

Your contact

Service and maintenance team
T +41 71 388 58 58

Your contact in Germany

Service and maintenance team in Germany
T +49 8232 9597 870

Inspection encompasses

  • Comprehensive examination of silos, brine and conveyor systems
  • Preparation of measurement logs and detailed overall reports
  • Stability of the support structure of your silo facility
  • Shape strength and impermeability of the silo-brine body
  • Functionality of operating elements
  • Operational ability and safety
  • Safety installations

We offer all-round services for the entire range of brine technology, all grit silos and conveyor systems.

Comprehensive service throughout the year

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