Complete facility in Ulm (Germany), comprising a salt storage depot, a timber silo and a brine facility

A warehouse for 4,000 tonnes of salt, 150 tonnes of gravel and 12 vehicles, a brine mixing facility with two storage tanks, a salt silo with a capacity of 200 m3 and a fully automated modular conveyor system for loading – these are just a few of the impressive stats for the city of Ulm’s new general waste disposal facility.

Planning challenge

We received the contract for the works as the sub-contractor of a German master builder who entrusted us with the entire planning and implementation process. The construction project was implemented during five month.

«At 55 m long and 20.5 m wide, this is one of the biggest salt and gravel warehouses we have ever produced. All in all, it was a technically demanding project. In addition to the requirements for the silo and brine technology, specific fire safety provisions, a complex static and other additional circumstances, such as the adjoining tram works, had to be taken into account in the planning.»
Andreas Grabher, project manager at BL Silobau AG

The dividing walls in the storage space are designed in such a way that they can be moved based on the amount being stored. 

Complete facility, Ulm (DE), inside of the salt storage depot with salt

Efficient salt conveyor system technology

In a harsh winter, the 200 m3 is used up within an estimated two days. The conveyor system attached to the silo is therefore used to top up the salt from the warehouse where necessary. And salt isn’t just salt. Depending on weather conditions, the moisture and, consequently, the weight of the salt can vary, That's when the variable rotary control comes into play. It works with the pressure sensors to automatically regulate the speed at which the salt is conveyed. This process is monitored by a remote-controlled maintenance portal.

Complete facility, Ulm (DE), conveyor technology

Fully automated brine generator

The general facility is also equipped with a fully automated brine generator (8,000 l/h), which directly procures the salt from the silo and fills two brine storage tanks with a volume of 40,000 l each. Multiple vehicles can be loaded at once from two brine extraction points. An integrated measuring and weighing system records all extractions of salt and brine and assigns them to each vehicle.

Complete facility, Ulm (DE), brine technology

Distance without obstruction

Thanks to the smooth cooperation with our client, you could barely feel the physical distance and our project manager was only on site in Ulm a few times.

Two employees mid-discussion with a model of a silo

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