• Two 350 m³ round timber silos with steel ladder and grey steel substructure, at a maintenance depot
  • Brine technology and silo system with salt storage depot
  • An employee of BL Silobau AG using a device to measure the resistance of the silo timber

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Silo and facilities engineering

Wooden silos

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Brine technology

A combination of salt and brine


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The fascinating world of wood

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Round silos

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Brine mixing facilities

Service and maintenance

  • Three 200 m³ round timber silos with steel substructure, lined up in front of a group of trees
  • red architectural module silo with filigree concrete substructure whereby a road leads through
  • Small four-sided timber silo with wooden ladder, next to a building and a Blumer Lehmann van
  • Brine mixing facilities
  • An employee of BL Silobau AG using a device to measure the resistance of the silo timber

Complete solutions

Everything from a single source

We build individual silo facilities and gravel stores for you in all sizes and shapes: from small-volume silos to modern, fully automated silo facilities. You’ll receive complete solutions with comprehensive logistics and automation concepts from us. We offer you everything you need from a single source – from consulting, planning, development and manufacture through to assembly on site.

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Complete facility in Fahrbinde (DE), comprising a storage depot, a timber silo and a brine facility, with three winter service vehicles parked in front

Systems mechanic (m/f)

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Service specialist (m/f)

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Carpenter EFZ (m/f)

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