Quanto brine mixing facility

High solution output, modular construction

The Quanto brine mixing facility automatically and continually produces a concentrated salt solution for winter road services. The facility features a modular design and so can be customised or upgraded in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

The name ‘Quanto’ is derived from the word ‘quantity’. It represents the facility’s many benefits and high solution output. Your ‘Quanto’ is not an off-the-shelf product! You can choose between various diameters and heights to create different storage volumes and solution speeds.

Functions and features

  • Automatic production of a concentrated salt solution
  • Automatic regulation of the solution and mixing process (measurement of the concentration’s target/actual value)
  • Electronic salt monitoring for when the salt storage is empty
  • Automatic frost protection for the solution water piping
  • Automatic regulation with electrical control valves
  • Automatic transfer after seven days of operational downtime
  • Measured value monitoring with automatic shutdown in the event of over or under-concentration during extraction
  • Automatic shutdown of the feed pump when above the limit value of the spreader tank