Visualisation of a large-scale facility with large-scale salt storage depot, silo, two trucks and a winter service vehicle

Space for more planning security

Every year, the winter season presents new and particular challenges for counties and local authorities. Our newly designed large-scale salt store (SGL), which comes in five size configurations, guarantees a high level of supply reliability while also reducing operational and maintenance costs. It enables road maintenance depots and work yards to become even more flexible. They can respond even faster to unexpected weather scenarios.

The benefits of our centralised storage system:

  • Bridge supply bottlenecks for a high level of planning reliability 
  • Savings when purchasing large quantities of salt
  • Greater supply intervals 
  • Remote monitoring of large-scale storage and decentralised salt halls and silos for winter road services using our hardware and software, customised to your needs
  • Transparent grit management 
  • Combined loading and unloading station
  • Extremely reliable due to optimised technology 
  • Lower staff costs
  • The domed large-scale store blends harmoniously into the landscape

We offer the large-scale salt store (SGL) in five different sizes:

  • SGL 10: Ø 50 m yields 10,000 m³ 
  • SGL 20: Ø 63 m yields 20,000 m³
  • SGL 30: Ø 72 m yields 30,000 m³ 
  • SGL 40: Ø 79 m yields 40,000 m³
  • SGL 50: Ø 85 m yields 50,000 m³

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