Ventilation filter for air de-dusting

The pneumatic filling of grit silos is damaging to people and the environment and filling silos using compressed air inevitably generates dust. The filter systems developed by us provide a remedy for this and prevent exhaust air from contaminating the environment. We recommend the use of filter systems particularly for silos that see high salt activity or for facilities close to densely populated areas.

We can customise the type and size of the filter system to the local requirements. There are virtually no limits to the customisation options.

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Our conveyor technology

Pipeline routing

Mobile return conveyors

Modular conveyor systems

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Hopper conveyor systems

  • Piping on the roof platform of a timber silo
  • Mobile return conveyor
  • An open, permanently installed, diesel-powered modular return conveyor
  • Stationary underfloor conveyor system
  • Ground-embedded hopper conveyor system at a maintenance depot

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