Chäserrugg mountain inn east view in fine weather

The summit building grabs gold

The Chäserrugg mountain station: ‘A timber construction with its own vocabulary and own dimension. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron use wood in an exemplary fashion to build at this height. They integrate the existing elements into a new whole that fits the surroundings outstandingly thanks to the wood used. The result is not event architecture, but a powerful sense of peace on the mountain. This makes it a role model for many tourist operators building in sensitive environments.’ This was high praise from the judging panel for the 2018 Prix Lignum.

The summit building on Chäserrugg opened in 2015. In terms of timber construction, the building took traditional carpentry craftsmanship to a whole new level: impressive overhangs, sharp roof vertices, huge beams supported by concrete trunks that look like trees. Blumer Lehmann had a major involvement in the implementation of the gold project.

Prix Lignum website

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