View of the completed construction of Switzerland Innovation Park with green hedging.

An information pavilion with a magnetic effect

The visionary pavilion shows visitors to the Innovation Park where to go from a distance. Pioneering ideas and progressive knowledge about sustainable building are the characterising features of the wooden information pavilion. ​​​​​​

As the Innovation Park’s first building, the wooden pavilion celebrated its grand opening in March 2018. It plays a key role in the park, being both the entrance portal and a meeting place.

Meetings and discussions

‘We had the idea of designing the pavilion in the style of open street furniture,’ explains Frank Stolz of the Luxembourg architecture firm FAT. ‘To this end, we designed a viewing platform that consciously sets the scene for the view of the area and the Alpine panorama. The room modules are high quality and comfortably designed and invite people to linger.’ Meetings and discussions take centre stage, both outside and inside. Offices, a café bar, exhibition areas and the public roof terrace create suitable meeting places for this very purpose.

«The pavilion will be dismantled after the designated term of eight years. The room modules used and the building shell can be up to 100% re-used.»

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