Grit silo system with two round wooden silos, brine generator and brine storage tank in Bülach

In spring 2021, the Civil Engineering Office of the canton of Zurich brought an additional winter service depot into operation in Bülach. The depot consists of a service and workshop building, a garage and two round timber silos.

BL Silobau AG delivered this state-of-the-art complete solution within 12 months. The two grit silos, each with a capacity of 400 m3, are made of larch wood and supported on a slanting galvanised steel substructure, which has great bearing on the service life of the silo.

The system was also equipped with a Quanto 24 brine producer and the brine storage capacity was increased with a 40 m3 brine storage tank.

With this new complete facility, Bülach is excellently prepared for next winter and therefore ensures the greatest possible safety on the surrounding road network.

Click here for the reference: Winter service facility with round grit silos in Bülach

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