Katharina Lehmann is one of six people presented with a Recognition Award for special merit in the promotion of young professionals by the Hans Huber Foundation.

Recognition Award from the Hans Huber Foundation for Katharina Lehmann

The Hans Huber Foundation Recognition and Advancement Awards were presented in Heerbrugg on Friday evening to six entrepreneurs and promoters of young professionals from Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg.

Our CEO and proprietor Katharina Lehmann, a woman who lives for timber, was presented with the Recognition Award for her dedication to complex and internationally successful timber projects and, through this, her dedication to young people starting out in their careers. Benedikt Würth, member of the Council of States and trustee of the Hans Huber Foundation, feels she supports these people especially well. Katharina Lehmann’s commitment is a model that has shaped the whole timber industry. And in this spirit, she will also use the prize money attached to the award to support apprentices – as she says herself: ‘We will use the money for new and targeted informative events. Our goal is to increase the number of apprentices from 26 to 36 by 2025.’

The Hans Huber Foundation presents the Recognition Awards every year to those people who have attained special merit in supporting a dual vocational training system.

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