Grit silo system in Bischofsgrün, Bayreuth

The state building authority upgraded the Bayreuth base for operations during the current winter season by integrating a new timber silo, a brine generator and a GRP storage tank. We implemented the modern complete solution for the Bayreuth base within half a year.

The new round silo made of timber has a capacity of 300 m3. The silo is supported on a cubic and hot-dip galvanised steel substructure, which will have a positive effect on the silo’s service life. The system was additionally supplemented with a Quanto 24 brine generator and a 40 m3 extension of the brine storage tank made of glass fibre (GRP).

Today, brine is increasingly used for the efficient management of roads by winter services. The brine is produced by taking the salt straight from the silo, mixing it with water in the generator and then storing it in the tank.

The gritting vehicles are filled with both salt and brine directly under the silo, enabling the Bayreuth base to operate its winter road services quickly.

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