Exterior view of the complete solution in Stuttgart, Germany

An attractive complete solution was constructed on a very small site in Stuttgart, comprising a salt storage depot, a 50 m3 modular timber silo, modern conveyor technology and high-performance, fully automated brine technology.

We handed over this small, compact complete facility to the city in January 2020. The new construction was necessary due to the restructuring of all salt depot sites and because a replacement of the ageing salt depot was desired.

Since the facility is situated in a central location in Stuttgart, the client was very keen for us to concentrate on an attractive design for the facility during the project development phase.

What’s more, owing to the very cramped site conditions, we had to construct the building around the silo and brine tank instead of installing the tanks alongside or within the building as is customary. The assembly works were complex, and coordination with the other parties involved in the construction was correspondingly challenging. Our assembly team installed some components by hand and used a hoist and special working platform.

This complete solution was constructed within six months and will be particularly useful for winter road services for the Stuttgart city area, ensuring road safety throughout the winter months.

Find out more about the technical details of this complete solution in Stuttgart.

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