Complete facility in Ulm (Germany), comprising a salt storage depot, a timber silo and a brine facility

Complete waste disposal facility, Ulm (Germany)

A warehouse for 4,000 tonnes of salt, 150 tonnes of gravel and 12 vehicles, a brine mixing facility with two storage tanks, a salt silo with a capacity of 200 m3 and a fully automated modular conveyor system for loading – these are just a few of the impressive statistics for the city of Ulm’s new general waste disposal facility. In November 2017, BL Silobau AG received the contract for the works as the subcontractor of a German master builder who entrusted us with the entire planning and implementation process. The construction project was implemented from January to May 2018.

'All in all, it was a technically demanding project,' affirms Andreas Grabher, project manager at BL Silobau AG. As well as the requirements for silo and brine technology, specific fire safety provisions, a complex structure and additional circumstances such as the adjoining tram works had an impact on planning.

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«Measuring 55 m long and 20.5 m wide, this is one of the largest salt and gravel storage depots we’ve ever built.»
Andi Grabher, project manager at BL Silobau AG

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