Markus Rutz, Martin Looser and Lukas Osterwalder stand in front of a stack of wood on the production site, with Richard Jussel behind. All four are looking at the camera in a friendly manner.

Preparing the way for the future of timber construction

In September, CEO Richard Jussel handed over the leadership of Blumer-Lehmann AG to a team of three – but he won’t be retiring for some time yet. With new responsibilities within the company, he will in future be committed to smoothing the way for special projects and new challenges in timber construction. He will work primarily on the planning of development projects and the optimisation of the range of BIM used in digital project collaborations, and will also continue to remain active within his network. The duties and responsibilities of the CEO will be assumed by Markus Rutz in the Timber Construction Excellence division, Martin Looser in the Free Form division and Lukas Osterwalder in Modular Construction (from left to right).

Richard Jussel has helped shape the boom in timber construction. It was because of his openness to new challenges and his enthusiasm for innovative ideas that flagship projects like the Swatch headquarters in Biel, the summit restaurant on Chäserrugg or the modular commercial building for creative company Lattich in St. Gallen came to fruition.

The duties and responsibilities of the CEO will be assumed by Martin Looser in the Free Form division, Markus Rutz in the Timber Construction Excellence division and Lukas Osterwalder in Modular Construction. The strengthening of the Executive Board with three new divisional managers reflects the growth and development of the company. The duties and responsibilities in the different divisions of Free Form, Modular Construction and Timber Construction Excellence are thereby spread across a number of shoulders.

In addition to management of the individual divisions, their focus will remain on the business as a whole. Their objectives are to continue promoting national and international business activities and to prepare the company for the challenges of the future, all with the assistance of their staff of around 220 specialists.

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