Modular silo system in Wohlen AG with two modular silos, brine system and brine tank system

We were entrusted by the canton of Aargau to build a complete facility with two modular silos, a brine facility and a brine tank at the maintenance depot in Wohlen. This practical facility, featuring two modular silos each with a capacity of 300 m3, ensures uninterrupted and efficient winter services. Alongside the silo facility, this advanced all-in-one solution also includes a brine facility with a brine producer and a stationary return conveyor.

In addition to practicality and efficiency, the architecture of the silo facility was also a core criterion in this project. The newly constructed double-module silo in Wohlen is proof that form and function can go hand in hand. The modular silo has a pre-greyed larch facade to blend in seamlessly with the existing maintenance depot buildings.

BL Silobau AG took care of the architecture, planning, production and assembly of the double-module silo facility.

Click here for the reference: Modular timber silos 2 x 300 m3, Wohlen AG

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