The apprentices in front of a heap of wood chips, from left to right: Rafael Gemperle (carpenters’ apprenticeship supervisor); Raphael Bollhalder, Joel Münger (back), Filip Lazic, Dominik Iten, carpenters (Swiss Federal VET Diploma); Simon Zeller, sawyer (Swiss Federal VET Diploma); Christian Rutz (carpenters’ apprenticeship supervisor); Amal Yussuf, commercial apprentice (E profile)<br/><br/>

We would like to congratulate our six apprentices, Amal Yussuf, commercial employee (E profile), Joel Münger, Dominik Iten, Raphael Bollhalder and Filip Lazic, carpenters (Swiss Federal VET Diploma), and Simon Zeller, sawyer (Swiss Federal VET Diploma), on passing their final apprenticeship examinations. We would like to give a special mention to the outstanding achievement of Simon Zeller, who, with an excellent final grade of 5.4, was among the top four of 13 apprentices throughout Switzerland. Raphael Bollhalder and Filip Lazic also achieved outstanding results. Their final grades of 5.3 respectively were among the six best apprenticeship grades for carpenters (Swiss Federal VET Diploma) in the canton of St. Gallen.

For four years, we have had the privilege of training and developing these young professionals and preparing them for their journeys into the world of work. This was largely the responsibility of our apprenticeship supervisors Rafael Gemperle and Christian Rutz for carpenters, Josua Preisig for sawyers and Ursula Keller for commercial apprentices. We would like to thank these young skilled workers for their dedication and wish them all the best and every success in their careers and for the future.

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