Growth over the years

Our passion for wood is central to all our activities. The principles that govern how we think and act as a business today have evolved organically through extensive experience with the versatile natural material. In our wide-ranging work covering all aspects of wood, we live the values that will shape our future on a daily basis:

  • Integral approach in all processes
  • Sustainability from an ecological, economical and social perspective
  • Holistic processing of wood as a raw material
  • Promoting personnel
  • Maintaining our family-like culture

Integral approach

We work in closed cycles, with modern techniques and comprehensive, IT-supported processes.

2 people at the controls of a CNC machine. 2 PCs are being used in the background. One person is looking at the camera, the other at the screen.


We create enduring values for the generations of tomorrow. We give equal consideration to economic, social and ecological criteria when making all of our decisions.

The graphic features pictograms depicting the various stages of log processing, showing a totally sustainable use of wood.

Wood as a raw material

We process wood as a raw material into innovative and contemporary products. In doing so, we create value for today and tomorrow. The Swiss forestry sector also benefits from our achievements. In addition, we have a positive impact on resource, energy and climate policy in Switzerland.

Close-up of wood as a raw material

Fostering employees

We encourage our staff in their personal and professional development. As it is only with well-trained employees that we can provide the best service for our clients. Our specialists’ profound expertise allows us to develop solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

2 apprentices machining a piece of wood in a hall. One person can be seen from the front, the other only from the back.

Family-like culture

We cultivate respectful relationships with each other. Our open and family-like culture creates space for creativity. And because we exchange ideas in a trusting and uncomplicated manner, we are able to make visionary ideas a reality.

Three employees standing in a group. One is wearing a traditional carpenter’s uniform

Our philosophy

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