Jobs with a future

We offer young people a fascinating path into the world of work. Learn a trade or commercial profession at the Lehmann Group and chose vocational training with a future – in a dynamic environment, with diverse job opportunities related to wood, a material with enormous potential.

Our trade apprenticeships

As providers of vocational training, we contribute to your professional, personal and social skills. Our expert trainers use their experience to guide you while placing trust in you and giving you responsibility. Start your successful career with us as a:

  • Carpenter EFZ
  • Sawyer EFZ
  • Woodworker EF
  • Commercial assistant

We would be happy to recieve your application for apprenticeships starting in 2020.

Your contact person

Ursula Keller-Braun
Head of Personnel
T +41 71 388 58 30

Carpenter EFZ

As a carpenter, you craft wood elements from solid wood or semi-finished products in the workshop using plans. You assemble these individual parts on the building site – often at lofty heights – together with your colleagues.

2 apprentices machining a piece of wood in a hall. One person can be seen from the front, the other only from the back.


The apprenticeship to become a carpenter takes four years. You will work on the theory one day a week in a vocational college. Practical training takes place with us at Erlenhof. Alongside the vocational college and trade apprenticeship, experts provide further professional knowledge in inter-company courses over several days.

Development opportunities

  • Work at the company as a highly qualified carpenter with a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • Project assignment all over the world
  • Further training for foreman, general foreman, technician up to master
  • With an advanced vocational certificate during or after basic training: study at a college of higher education or university of applied sciences

Carpenter job profile film

Information video from Holzbau Schweiz on the job profile of a carpenter EFZ.

> Click here for the video

Two apprentice carpenters standing in the workshop, each holding a board in their right hand

You tick the following boxes:

You have a head for heights, are good at maths and enjoy working outside? If you also have the following abilities, then you’ve got what it takes to become a carpenter:

  • An interest in geometry, physics and mathematics
  • Technical knowledge
  • Sense of space
  • Craftsmanship skills
  • Meticulous and focussed work as part of a team
  • Head for heights, agile, strong and fit
  • Enjoy working, building and designing with wood

Sawyer EFZ

Sawyers operate and service modern cutting and conveyor equipment. They process, dry and store the logs supplied to them from the forest. They use these logs to produce planks, squared timber and slats. As a sawyer, you calculate quantities, yields, machine hours and costs. You also advise customers in the selection of sawn timber.

Portrait photo of an apprentice sawyer


You will learn to become a sawyer during the three-year apprenticeship. You’ll learn the necessary theoretical knowledge one day a week in a vocational college. Your daily tasks at the sawmill in Erlenhof will give you the opportunity to build up your expertise. Inter-company courses will help you gain a deeper understanding of basic theory and expand your practical knowledge.

Development opportunities

  • Work in the sawmill as a highly qualified sawyer with a Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • Specialise with courses by technical and vocational colleges, industry associations and the Bern University of Applied Sciences for Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering
  • Subsequent training to become a wood specialist with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • With an advanced vocational certificate during or after basic training: further study for a diploma, technician/diploma, technician specialising in the timber industry at a college of higher education
  • With an advanced vocational certificate during or after basic training: Bachelor of Science (FH) in Wood Technology at a university of applied sciences

Sawyer job profile film

Information video from Holzindustrie Schweiz (HIS) about training opportunities in the wood industry. The wood industry essentially offers two training pathways: sawyer in the wood industry EFZ (3 years) and woodworker EBA (2 years)

> Click here for the video

Portrait photo of an apprentice sawyer

You tick the following boxes:

Are you skilled with your hands and well acquainted with technology? Then you have already fulfilled two important requirements. Other important criteria to be suitable as a sawyer are:

  • Good ability in numeracy
  • You are flexible and in good physical shape
  • Ability to work in a team

Woodworker EBA

Woodworkers EBA craft and assemble structural components and products. They have knowledge of the machines, tools and materials needed to do this. As a woodworker, you work intensively with wood as a raw material.

A group of 2 apprentices and an instructor, mid-discussion. One person is looking at the camera, 2 are looking at a diagram.


Over the course of the two-year traineeship, you will acquire extensive knowledge about wood, forestry and the timber industry. You will learn how to handle various machinery. You will also learn how to implement environmental protection and health and safety regulations. You will gain theoretical knowledge as a prospective woodworker one day a week at a vocational college. You will acquire practical skills during your tasks at Erlenhof. Inter-company courses will allow you to deepen your knowledge of tools, machines, forklifts and chainsaws.

Development opportunities

  • Individual development and specialist training by the Swiss Association for Timber Construction
  • Subsequent training to become sawyer, carpenter or other professions in the field of wood
Apprentice working at the grinder

You tick the following boxes:

You are at least 15 years old, technically gifted and physically fit? Woodworking as a profession is the right job for you if you also meet the conditions listed below:

  • You have completed compulsory education
  • You enjoy working with wood.
  • Ability to adapt: the timber industry is dynamic and working conditions are constantly changing
  • You should be able to do basic calculations with length measurements
  • You can work independently
  • You are a team player

Commercial assistant

As a commercial assistant, you work independently to complete many different administrative tasks. You should be reliable and responsible and enjoy organising. You can use your language skills, German and English, in your daily tasks. In addition, you should be able to work as part of a team, have an outgoing personality and good manners.

A dark-skinned young woman with long hair sitting in front of a PC and looking over her shoulder at the camera. A man and woman are standing at a desk in the background, mid-discussion.


This apprenticeship lasts three years. Classes at vocational college focus mainly on communication with customers. You will have the opportunity to work in various departments and areas at our company such as finance, HR, marketing and reception, where you can put what you have learned in vocational college directly into practice.

Development opportunities

  • Professional examinations: financial planner, IT specialist, marketing professional, HR specialist, travel specialist and many more
  • Higher examinations: expert in accounting and controlling, head of HR, head of marketing and many more
  • College of higher education (e.g. school of economics)
  • The advanced vocational certificate allows you to enrol in a university of applied sciences

Film about the construction and housing commercial apprenticeship

Information video from Lehrstellen Schweiz about the commercial apprenticeship in the construction and housing sector.

> Click here for the video

A young, dark-skinned woman in front of a computer, looking at the camera.

You tick the following boxes:

Do you enjoy working with modern communication tools? Do you have a flair for numbers and do you value contact with people? Then you’ll fit in nicely. You should also have the following skills:

  • Motivation to perform well at vocational college
  • Good German skills
  • Gift for languages and communication
  • You enjoy working with computers
  • You have good knowledge acquired at school
  • Openness and networked thinking


Interested? Then send us your application with:

  • A cover letter
  • A CV with photo
  • All secondary school certificates
  • Stellwerk 8+9

We look forward to learning more about you.

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