Innovative residual timber processing

Residual timber from the sawmill and timber processing that we don’t use for construction timber or energy generation is turned into natural products. The waste timber is turned into sawdust, wood chips, bark, bark mulch and litter for small animals.

Your contact

Andreas Forster
Head of pellet mill production
Pellet sales
T +41 71 385 36 70

Close-up of litter for small animals

Litter for small animals

Our litter for small animals is made of pure, dried bark. It is very absorbent, protects against the cold and emits cosy warmth. Ideal for healthy and happy small animals.

Close-up of bark

Bark and bark mulch

Our bark mulch consists exclusively of local woods. It is intended for use in gardens and green areas. Bark mulch can be used, for example, to protect sensitive plants and guard against the growth of weeds.

Close-up of wood chips

Wood chips

Our wood chips are further processed for use primarily in the paper industry and in the production of insulation and wood panels. We use roughly 50% of our wood chips in our own power plant for power generation.

The inside of the sawdust warehouse, viewed through the window


Our sawdust comes almost 100% from the region within a radius of 100 kilometres. We process most of it into high-quality pellets. A portion of the sawdust is used for agricultural purposes.

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