Economical and ecological at the same time

We produce Swiss wood fuels. In the form of pellets and briquettes, they offer customers renewable and environmentally friendly ways of heating their homes both sustainably and economically. Heating with Swiss wood is a clean, environmentally sound and economical way to generate heat. It helps replace fossil energy carriers.

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Andreas Forster
Head of pellet mill production
Pellet sales
T +41 71 385 36 70

A sack of pellets lying on wood chips

Pellets made of Swiss wood

We make our CO2-neutral pellets out of regional waste timber, sawdust and plane shavings – without chemical additives. It is one of the most natural ways of generating heat. It is notable for its high heat output. To use pellets, you require a special pellet heating system.

You can find additional advantages of heating with pellets in our product flyer.

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Bundles of briquettes, stacked in bark

Bark briquettes made of Swiss wood

Our bark briquettes are made of pure bark from local spruce. They are two times harder than hardwood and have a high heat output. The briquettes are suitable for use in ovens with an output of at least 40 kW or for barbecuing.

Additional advantages of our bark briquettes during heating include: uniform heat emission over the entire burning time, high heat value (> 5,2 kWh per kg), long-lasting heat thanks to slow burning (up to approx. 10 h), space-saving storage thanks to a practical format and small volume, CO2 neutral, ash with high mineral value – ideal as garden fertiliser, Swiss wood (HSH certificate) and proof of testing by Holzforschung Austria.

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