Order today, deliver tomorrow

Every day, lorries deliver up to 600 cubic metres of local logs to Erlenhof. From that, we produce almost our entire range of high-quality sawn, planed and waste timber products. With modern, high-performance machinery and large storage capacities, we can produce flexibly and deliver on time. With our high environmental standards, our expertise, our outstanding logistics solutions and a diverse range of products, we offer you true added value.

Your contact for storage and logistics

Florian Berger
Sales & logistics
T +41 71 388 58 14

Here’s what you can expect from our stock

  • Standard products available from stock
  • Order – load – drive away
  • Just-in-time production
  • Products are quickly available
  • High flexibility
Front view of a pallet transporter

What our logistics offer

  • Regional, reliable, long-standing partners
  • Delivery with our own transport vehicles or reliable external partners
  • Optimised logistics planning with the shortest possible transport routes
  • High flexibility
A side loader is loading sawn timber
View of a package of laths ready for transport

Key figures

  • 2 side loaders for loading sawn timber
  • 1 company lorry (load capacity 10 tonnes) for regional transport
  • 7 partners for national and international transport
  • 1 pellet silo facility, 3 x 2,000 tonnes

Loading capacity per day

  • Sawn timber: 3-4 semi-trailers, loading volume up to 55 m3
  • 30 collections and retail deliveries
  • Waste timber: 3-4 semi-trailers, loading volume 80 m3 each
  • Pellets: 6-8 tankers of 15-24 tonnes each

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