Processing every piece of wood

In our sawmill and planing mill, we process logs from our region into standard products and semi-finished products. Using modern, industrial facilities and skilled craftsmanship, we produce attractive sawn timber products. Precisely tailored to your needs. Whatever is left over as waste timber, we use to produce pellets, animal litter and briquettes. 

We supply Swiss wood to our customers locally, in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. Let our experienced team of wood specialists assist you. And find exactly the right product for your needs in our diverse range of wood products – as a standard product or custom made for you.

Overview of services from Lehmann Holzwerk

  • Sales consultation
  • Cut-outs
  • Delivery service with our own lorries
  • Technical consultation
  • Technical planning (LEWA system)
  • CNC/factory assembly
  • Surface treatments
  • Timber storage

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