• This newly developed surface treatment does not merely cover the sur­face of the wood – Uvood® penetrates and binds to it. Ecologically innocuous agents then provide comprehensive protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Fascinating Versatility

Wood processing | Energy


Fascinating world of wood

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Der Sonnenschutz für Holz im Innen- und Aussenbereich



Sawn timber

Planed products


Residual timber

  • Front view of the facade of a sports hall with a blue sky and mountains in the background
  • Stack of sawn timber with the sun and trees in the background
  • Close-up of stack of planed products
  • Beautiful wooden terrace with flowers and lavender bush in the foreground
  • Close-up of residual timber chips

Structured wood

For applications in architecture, art and design

Discover the interior and exterior design options with the new structured wood surfaces

Find out more
Use of Structured Wood in the Lehmann Group reception area

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