New Stedi harbour facility with shelter in the form of a ship

The new Stedi shelter looks at first glance to be fairly simple. The timber construction, however, proved rather tricky to plan.

A shelter with a ship’s design: like a ship, the Stedi shelter in Ermatingen consists of frames, planks and a keel. For the supporting structure for the planks, our project team developed a special solution using Douglas fir wood and hybrid beams. Glass walls complete the shelter and offer waiting passengers protection from wind and rain.

Assembled in full at our factory, the ‘ship’ was brought to its destination on Lake Constance at night as an abnormal wide load. Using our specially manufactured assembly templates and in close coordination with our project team, the metalworker produced the steel supports with absolute precision. The roof in ship form was therefore easy to install on site. 

Our brief also included production of the press-formed laminated wooden benches and their assembly on the existing steel supports.

Project details

Gemeinde Ermatingen
andreas hermann ag
Project type:
Leisure and sport
Construction type:
Free Form
Timber construction
 Full view of the Stedi shelter at night

The new Ermatingen shelter is reminiscent of a ship in appearance and construction.

Brightly lit Stedi shelter on the Ermatingen wharf

The simple and high-quality structure of the shelter was quite tricky to plan.

Night shot of the illuminated Stedi shelter.

The Stedi shelter is the new highlight of the Ermatingen harbour.

The timber roof is fitted precisely onto the Stedi shelter.

Mounting the roof on the shelter – precise preparation pays off.

 The roof of the shelter is delivered by truck.

The shelter was prefabricated in full at the Erlenhof factory and delivered to Ermatingen by heavy haulage.

The roof of the Stedi shelter in Ermatingen is installed.

Thanks to assembly templates and precision production of the steel supports, the roof was very easy to install.

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