Functional modular buildings for everyday school life

Four schools in Zurich received new ZM10 school rooms in 2019. A total of 110 timber modules were assembled into two-storey and three-storey school pavilions. All of the new modular school buildings have optimal building services engineering and an extra-large kitchen was installed in one location.

Blumer Lehmann has been building temporary school buildings in timber modular construction for the City of Zurich for 20 years. For the four current school buildings, we built the robust ZM10 model refined by ‘Bauart-Architekten’ in line with the Minergie Eco standard. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication in our factory, the structures are quickly assembled on site and schedules and costs can be precisely calculated. In Zurich, our pavilions are generally used for 10-15 years on the same site before being redeployed at another location.

Project details

Stadt Zürich, Amt für Hochbauten
Bauart Architekten und Planer AG
Project type:
Education and research
Construction type:
Modular construction
General contractor services (GC)
Zurich, Switzerland
Overall view of the ZM10 Sihlweid school pavilion in Zurich from the front with plants in the foreground

Three-storey Züri-Modular - the temporary pavilion at the Sihlweid school in Zurich.

External staircase and facade of the ZM10 Sihlweid school pavilion in Zurich with a school building in the background

The school pavilion's different levels are accessed via an external staircase.

Interior side view of a classroom with large, bright windows in the ZM10 Sihlweid school pavilion in Zurich

The spacious classrooms in the ZM10 school pavilion get plenty of daylight thanks to the large windows.

View of a classroom in the ZM10 Sihlweid school pavilion in Zurich with large windows in the background.

Furnished classroom in the school pavilion. The timber gives the space a welcoming atmosphere.

Landscape image with side view of the timber facade of the modular ZM10 Sihlweid school pavilion in Zurich

Timber facade of the modular school pavilion

View of the school hallway n the ZM10 Sihlweid School pavilion in Zurich

School hallway in the ZM10 pavilion

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