Kulturhaus am Rain with great acoustics and atmosphere

Before the new cultural hall could be erected, the former sports hall had to give way. Only its basement level remained, forming the foundation for the modern timber construction that serves as a meeting point providing space for art, culture and community events. Plenty of timber inside and out, the exposed roof structure and eye-catching copper roof are the building’s unique features. We were responsible for the entire timber construction and especially the development of the barrel-shaped ceiling structure, which resembles a classic Zollinger roof.

Apart from the basement ceiling, the sports hall was dismantled with great precision. Measuring the exact same dimensions totalling a floor area of 450 m2, the Rain arts and leisure centre was then constructed. The heart of the new timber hall has space for up to 240 people. The foyer, kitchen, catering area, sanitary facilities and a storage room for furniture and the mobile stage complement the function room. 

The extraordinary roof construction was inspired by the Zollinger roof. We developed this further and optimised the technical production and assembly processes. The exposed diamond pattern in the ceiling gives the space a dramatic feel and also has a positive effect on the acoustics. 

The great hall is made of wood, from the parquet floor up to the three-ply curved ceiling. A total of 140 m3 of timber was used for the entire hall. This also includes the acoustic strip profiles made of Swiss silver fir, which are planed and treated with two wood varnishes.

Project details

Gemeinde Böttstein
Haefeli Architekten
Project type:
Art and culture
Construction type:
Wood element construction, Free Form
Timber construction
Böttstein, Switzerland
Panoramic photo of the cultural hall with focus on the ceiling

The cultural hall features a unique and striking roof structure in the interior space.

Internal view of the cultural hall looking out the window

The cultural hall features a bright and warm interior.

Close-up of the roof structure

The barrel-shaped roof structure resembles a classic Zollinger roof.

Internal view: looking into the cultural hall’s antechamber

The friendly and brightly designed antechamber welcomes visitors to the cultural hall.

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