Roof garden for a relaxing atmosphere

A spectacular structure was designed as a place to meet and relax at Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Leeds. The commencement of works in 2018 saw the construction of three gently rounded pavilions of varying heights, which will be adorned with plants following completion to create the centre. In time, the entire centre will be transformed into a lush garden, offering patients and their relatives an additional oasis in which to relax. This calls for strong anchorage forces in the construction of the building to accommodate the layers of soil (which are up to 80 cm thick). Timber is being used as the construction material to create a pleasant atmosphere and emphasise the intended natural feel of the centre.

Project details

Heatherwick Studio
Project type:
Healthcare and care facilities
Construction type:
Free Form
Timber construction
Leeds, UK
View into the hall in Maggie’s Centre, Leeds

The building creates a therapeutic atmosphere.

View into the Maggie’s Centre with an interesting timber construction.

The café, featuring curved lines and plenty of visible timber.

Close-up of the extraordinary timber-frame construction.

The timber-frame design results in extraordinary contours in both the building and its spaces.

View into the lounge with its uniquely designed space

The timber frames are a stand-out feature and define the space

View of the wooden stairs inside Maggie’s Centre

Plenty of timber, an engaging design and plants create a vibrant atmosphere.

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