Lattich timber modular construction as a meeting place for creative exchange

The construction of 48 timber modules planned in 2018 offers creative minds the space they need to realise their plans and visions over the next 10 years. The spacious workspace caters for small businesses from all sectors. From crafts and trades to communication and design, the aim is to enrich the region with more creative minds. The specified development standard, including heating and sanitary installations, insulation, electricity and internet connections, ensures an optimal basic configuration that covers the essential factors. When construction commenced in November 2018, we were responsible for the timber construction planning and commissioned for the delivery of the modular construction. The timber modules were prefabricated in our factory by the end of 2018 and assembled on site in Lattich at the beginning of 2019 via a modular system. A major advantage of the modular construction is that it allows for precise planning of costs and scheduling. This type of construction also leads the way in terms of sustainability and mobility, providing added value for both the tenant and the city.

Project details

Trägerschaft Lattich 2 AG
Baubüro in situ AG
Project type:
Commercial and industrial, Art and culture, Temporary buildings
Construction type:
Modular construction
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Timber module on a crane: truck is unloaded on the construction site in bright winter sunshine.

The Lattich building in St Gallen is made up of 48 modules

Facade view of the Lattich building in St. Gallen

Architectural art

Photograph of a creatively finished studio with seating in the Lattich building in St. Gallen

Tenants add their own individual interior design

Photograph of the interior finishing of a creative space in the Lattich building in St. Gallen

Facade view of the Lattich development with scaffolding in fine weather

Access via external arcade

Photograph of the scaffolding around the Lattich development

External staircase

Aerial photo of the Lattich modular timber building at the rail freight depot in St. Gallen.

Urban setting next to the railway tracks

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