Experience wood in the office building with exhibition space

As part of a consortium comprising five timber construction firms, we were responsible for the planning and project management of the new building in Gossau. As the customer is a wood wholesaler, the owner expected their forward-looking project to be a timber construction.

One characteristic feature of the construction is the modern facade design, which is a combination of glass and vertically mounted fir slats. The optical effect of the wood facade is unique. Due to the different depths of the wood cross sections, the viewer sees a sort of wave effect. The body of the building is a visible timber frame construction with a centrally positioned concrete core in which the staircase and bathrooms are located. Around the core, visible Lignatur elements were used to create the ceilings.

The ground floor and first floor comprise a spacious exhibition space and an attractive experience area, while the second and third floors serve as the new shared home for all Braun AG office personnel. Finally, the top floor contains a training and event room as well as a meeting room.

Project details

Braun AG
fg architektur
Project type:
Office and administration
Construction type:
Wood element construction
Timber construction
Gossau, Switzerland
External view of Braun AG in Gossau. The column made from a tree trunk in the entrance area catches the eye.

Entrance area of office building

The photograph shows the brightly lit interior finished with a tree trunk and branches amid the lounge area with tables and chairs.

Exhibition room with real trees

The lounge area is furnished with long tables and seating. The space is flooded with light thanks to the full-length windows while the walls and roof structure are made entirely of wood.

Training and event room on the top floor

The photograph shows one of the rooms at Braun AG in Gossau. The floors, walls and roof structure were carefully constructed in wood.

Spacious offices

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